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  laboratory for intelligent mechanical systems home people research current projects past projects publications patents & spinoffs contact human motor control: functional electrical stimulation (fes) home > research > current projects > human motor control: functional electrical stimulation (fes) students: eric schearer, and yu-wei liao professors: kevin lynch, eric perreault, and matt tresch overview:                                                                                                            functional electrical stimulation (fes) systems can restore various functions to persons with impairments such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, and stroke. Side effects viagra viagra viagra Researchers have attempted to use fes to control skeletal movements involved in activities including standing, cycling, walking, grasping, and reaching. cheap generic viagra india   our research focuses on using fes to restore reaching motions to persons with high spinal cord injuries who have little or no voluntary control over their upper extremities. cheap viagra We work in close collaboration with case western reserve university and the cleveland fes center.   our colleagues have developed an implantable upper extremity neuroprosthesis for people with tetraplegia.   this system can stimulate multiple nerves and muscles to evoke movements of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and fingers. viagra online without a prescription   electrical stimulation to the muscles can be controlled externally by a computer via a transcutaneus rf link. canadian online pharmacy no prescription viagra   one focus of our work is on efficiently identifying input/output models for use as feedforward controllers of fes systems. viagra for women price   the inputs to the fes system are the stimulation pulse widths for the nerves and muscles being stimulated. generic viagra online   the outputs are forces or motions of the paralyzed arm. viagra online   we do experiments with a human subject to determine how the specific fes system responds to its inputs and use the experimental data to build models mapping inputs to outputs. viagra 20 mg when to take   the models can be inverted and used as in feedforward control. buying generic viagra online While feedback is critical for controlling precise reaching movements, feedforward control is necessary for two main reasons. where to get viagra over the counter   the first is that feedforward control in conjunction with feedback control uses less energy than feedback control alone. generic viagra online overnight shipping   fes of the peripheral nervous system fatigues muscles faster  than stimulation initiated by the central nervous system of persons without spinal cord injury. pink pills women viagra   the second is that feedback is applied at a relatively low frequency (~12 hz). viagra for women price     efficient system identification is important for several reasons. buying viagra online britain   the space of stimulation inputs and states of the arm is rather large. Viagra dosage instructions   we have 12 inputs at our disposal to control at least five degrees of freedom in the shoulder and elbow. generic viagra usa   exhaustive search of the input and state space is not feasible as human subjects have limited energy before muscle fatigue sets in, and laboratory time with a human subject is limited to a few hours. cheap generic viagra india   potential users of fes systems are not likely to ad. Music viagra commercial 2011 To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory
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