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Home about contact us career center search what's new feedback get updates resources related links 1: development and implementation 2: working definition 3: prevention 4: evaluation of ventricular dysfunction 5: asymptomatic patients 6: nonpharmacologic management 7: reduced ejection fraction 8: disease management, advance directives, end-of-life care 9: ep testing and use of devices 10: surgical approaches 11: preserved lvef 12: acute decompensated hf diagnosis hospital admission treatment fluid overload prevention of deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism iv vasodilators hemodynamic monitoring precipitating factors hospital discharge references 13: ischemic heart disease 14: hypertension and hf 15: hf in special populations 16: myocarditis 17: genetic evaluation evaluation and management of patients with acute decompensated heart failure overview 12: acute decompensated hf section 12download section 12 (238 kb) acute decompensated heart failure (adhf) has emerged as a major public health problem over the past 2 decades. female viagra fox news 1,2 heart failure (hf) is the leading cause of hospitalization in patients older than 65 years of age. viagra canada online In-hospital mortality is excessive and readmission is disturbingly common, despite advances in pharmacotherapy and device therapy for hf. viagra for sale cheap 3,4 the large direct costs associated with caring for the 5 million americans who have chronic hf are largely attributable to hospitalization. order viagra 5 data from several studies have refined our understanding of the clinical characteristics of patients hospitalized with worsening hf. female viagra fox news 2,4-6 these studies demonstrate that the majority of patients hospitalized with hf have evidence of systemic hypertension on admission and commonly have preserved left ventricular ejection fraction (lvef). buy viagra cheap Most hospitalized patients have significant volume overload, and congestive symptoms predominate. viagra without a doctor prescription Patients with severely impaired systolic function, reduced blood pressure, and symptoms from poor end-organ perfusion are in the distinct minority. recreational use of viagra for women Natural history studies have shown that adhf represents a period of high risk for patients, during which their likelihood of death and rehospitalization is significantly greater than for a comparable period of chronic, but stable hf. 6 the clinical classification of patients with adhf continues to evolve and reflects ongoing changes in our understanding of the pathophysiology of this syndrome. 7 worsening renal function, persistent neurohormonal activation, and progressive deterioration in myocardial function all seem to play a role. Decompensation also commonly occurs without a fundamental worsening of underlying cardiac structure or function. time should take viagra Failure to adhere to prescribed medication. viagra generic Date Created: Tue Apr 17 12:52:19 2007